Traditional countryside methods to control pests such as Moles, Mink and Rabbits are used when possible to offer alternative solutions to chemical control to protect the environment and its surroundings.

Honeybees are high on our preservation list and where possible the colony or swarm is removed and re-homed into a special apiary to monitor disease before integration with other honeybee colonies.

Pestkil Southwest believes every living thing deserves a degree of dignity and to this end provides a professional service as humanely as practicable.

Queen honeybee surrounded by her attendants in antisipation of her laying another egg, seen here with a blue mark just lowering her abdomen into a prepared cell. They will tend the egg as it transformes itself into a larvae and then eventuraly into an adult bee.

In the height of summer the queen can lay her own bodyweight in eggs and hives can reach populations of 60,000 bees or more.

Their natural form of increase is to swarm, normally from May until July.